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Circles on a Harmonograph Curve: Sunday Maths Animations Week 2

For week 2 of my Sunday animations I’ve stuck with circles, this time on a harmonograph curve (which is a relation of the Lissajous curves).

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Hyperbolic Paraboloid in Matchmakers

For this year’s MathsJam Bakeoff I made a hyperbolic paraboloid out of matchmakers. For anybody who doesn’t know, matchmakers are thin chocolate sticks with crunchy bits, traditionally mint but now available in orange, salted caramel and possibly other flavours. They are delicious even when they are not being used for maths.

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Parametric T-shirts

I’m excited to share my new TeeMill site, selling T-shirts based on graphs of parametric equations.

Harmonograph Rainbow
Changing Waves
Spirally Flower

There are three designs currently available, and all can be bought in loose fit or fitted, and with or without the equations that created the design displayed underneath.

You can also find GeoGebra files, where you can play with the graphs of the equations yourself, here.

Rupert Polyhedra: Cube

Last week, I wrote about Rupert polyhedra, and how a tetrahedron has the Rupert property. The idea dates back to the 1600s, when Prince Rupert of the Rhine won a bet that it was possible to make a hole in a cube that was large enough for an identical cube to pass through, so let’s look at how the Rupert property works for a cube.

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