There are examples below of articles and poems I’ve written, and lots more examples on my blog.

If you’d like me to write something for you, get in touch.


I’ve been involved as a co-writer on two books, details to be announced shortly!


Baking a Menger Sponge Sponge, for Chalkdust magazine

Geogebra to Cake in Five Steps, for The Aperiodical

Many-to-many Shape Sorter, for The Aperiodical

MathsJam Gathering: A Review, for The Aperiodical


(Not) Squaring the Circle, originally written for the MathsJam gathering 2019 and published here by Chalkdust magazine

Kepler’s Barrels, for Chalkdust magazine

Hello! I’m Sam Hartburn, a freelance maths author, editor and animator. I also dabble in music and write mathematical songs. Get in touch by emailing or using any of the social media buttons above.

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