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Written with Ben Sparks and Katie Steckles, Maths: 100 Ideas in 100 Words is a collection of short introductions to some of the key concepts in mathematics.

In Short Cuts: Maths, Katie Steckles, Alison Kiddle, Peter Rowlett and I use maths to answer some of the important questions in life such as ‘When is a perfect fifth not a perfect fifth?’, ‘Why can’t you comb a hairy ball?’, and ‘When will my cup of tea be ready to drink?’


Baking a Menger Sponge Sponge, for Chalkdust magazine

Geogebra to Cake in Five Steps, for The Aperiodical

Many-to-many Shape Sorter, for The Aperiodical

MathsJam Gathering: A Review, for The Aperiodical


(Not) Squaring the Circle, originally written for the MathsJam gathering 2019 and published here by Chalkdust magazine

Kepler’s Barrels, for Chalkdust magazine

Hello! I’m Sam Hartburn, a freelance maths author, editor and animator. I also dabble in music and write mathematical songs. Get in touch by emailing or using any of the social media buttons above.

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