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I Like Brussels Sprouts

At the choir I sing with, we sang a Christmas-themed warm-up song to the tune of Jelly on a Plate. It’s a simple song with just one repeated sentence: ‘I like Brussels sprouts’. The catch is that you don’t break the sentence, even when it doesn’t fit with the phrasing of the song. The syllable counts for each verse are 5, 5, 4, 4, 5, so the first verse goes

I like Brussels sprouts
I like Brussels sprouts
I like Brussels
sprouts I like Bruss
els sprouts I like Bruss

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Fold-and-Cut Christmas Tree

This time last year, The Aperiodical featured the fold-and-cut Christmas tree I designed in their Aperiodvent calendar. I designed it to use as a Christmas card. Print out the PDF, write a message on the tree, or decorate it if you like, then fold it following the dashed lines. When the recipient cuts along the solid black line, they will open out a beautiful Christmas tree.

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