The Multiples of Me

I’m a prime
You know what that means
I have no factors
Okay, there’s one, and me
But they’re not proper factors
Real factors
Tangible factors
They don’t count, you see

There’s not so many of us
Okay, there are infinitely many
But you never know
Where the next one is going to be

It’s okay for the even numbers
They have a factor guarantee
That’s two
Two’s a prime, like me
But not like me
There’s nothing else to be a factor
It’s just one, then two, you see

Every third number
Is a multiple of three
Some have factors of two and three
But my gang? There’s just me

The multiples of four
They’re already in two’s gang
The fives think they’re special
Just because they match the fingers on a hand
So many multiples
It’s enough to make you scream
And we primes? We fill the gaps in between

It’s not close
I can’t see it
I can’t hear it
But I can feel it, reaching out to me
From way down the number line
A multiple of me
And another, and another
Stretching out to infinity

I’m a prime
You know what that means
I’m the leader of my gang
The multiples of me

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