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  • The Ant’s Lament

    A song to highlight the totally unfair situations faced by ants in puzzles like the ant on the rubber band. Music and lyrics by me, pictures by Ayliean MacDonald.

  • Can You Sing Two Notes at Once?

    Can You Sing Two Notes at Once?

    And what does that have to do with maths? A little while ago, Abs Pascoe (who I highly recommend if you’re thinking of starting singing lessons and you happen to live near Whitstable) posted this amazing video where she sings two different notes at once. I had never heard anything like it before! My first…

  • I Like Brussels Sprouts

    At the choir I sing with, we sang a Christmas-themed warm-up song to the tune of Jelly on a Plate. It’s a simple song with just one repeated sentence: ‘I like Brussels sprouts’. The catch is that you don’t break the sentence, even when it doesn’t fit with the phrasing of the song. The syllable…