Mathober 2023 Prompt 1: Kiss

I’ve decided to join in with Mathober: a month of prompts for mathematical creativity. I’m planning to do 100-or-so word blog posts. I know I won’t post daily (and I’m already behind) so it might take me into November, December or even beyond. I’m fine with that! Prompt 1 is Kiss.


A tangent touches a curve with a kiss. Not a full on, lips mashed together, tongue down the throat kiss. No. This is gentle, blink and you miss it, one touch and it’s gone. And in many cases it really is gone in one touch. Away from that kiss, the curve and the line, they move away from each other and they’re never going to meet again.

But sometimes something special happens. The peaks and troughs of a sine wave, say. One kiss, and another, and another, stretching away into future and past. A line and a curve meeting for an eternity of perfect kisses.

(105 words)





2 responses to “Mathober 2023 Prompt 1: Kiss”

  1. John Golden avatar
    John Golden

    Is the picture missing? I’ll admit I was expecting some GeoGebra…

    1. Sam Hartburn avatar
      Sam Hartburn

      Ah, no, just text this time! If you’d like to draw an illustration, though, I wouldn’t say no…

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