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  • Using LaTeX Leadsheets for MathsJamJam

    MathsJamJam is an event that takes place at the annual MathsJam gathering, where we sing songs that have had their lyrics rewritten to be about maths. This year I used the LaTeX package Leadsheets to compile the songbooks. I’ve documented how it works here – mainly so that I can remember how to do it,…

  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid in Matchmakers

    Hyperbolic Paraboloid in Matchmakers

    For this year’s MathsJam Bakeoff I made a hyperbolic paraboloid out of matchmakers. For anybody who doesn’t know, matchmakers are thin chocolate sticks with crunchy bits, traditionally mint but now available in orange, salted caramel and possibly other flavours. They are delicious even when they are not being used for maths.